Hardwood Floors in New York City

When they need hardwood floors, New York City residents count on the professional services of Hardwood Floor NY. The company name was built on trust, master workmanship, affordable pricing and outstanding service. With over 10 years of combined experience in industry, Hardwood Floor New York takes pride in helping our customers with product selection to make sure that they get the right color choice, durability, and product installation type for their project.

Hardwood Floor NY handles all types of hardwood flooring installations, repairs, and restorations. We focus greatly on our craftsmanship and pay special attention to details. Small jobs our specialty. Although we have plenty of experience in all types of hardwood flooring, which includes pre-finished forms, we prefer to work with raw wood flooring which is installed, acclimated to your home’s temperature and humidity, then sanded, strained, and finished on the job site.

If you are looking for hardwood floors in New York City, Hardwood Floor NY is the place to call. We serve the entire metropolitan area including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, and Long Island. Our clients include construction firms, private home builders, designers, and home owners who love great hardwood products, superb hardwood installation service, and excellent customer service before and after projects are complete. We get the job done right, every time. Call us today for more information.